Thursday, February 11, 2010

KY here we come!

If you guys haven't heard, well we are moving back to Kentucky...Back to the south, where we can ride our new 4-wheller that my grandma gave us....Thanks Mammaw. I didn't care much for the city, but it has  grown on me just a little, cause I'm so used for everything being so close. Down south everything is so far away, so we think up here, but an hour to go somewhere is kind of far up here, but not down there. The YMCA we go to up here is just like 10 min. .away and the one closest to us in ky is like an hour away, we're like man, thats far. lol...So we are busy packing...packing...packing!  Hopefully we can meet up with family and some old friends that we haven't see in forver. Here we come KY!

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