Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ok, so this was a day to blog about!

Yesterday was my little brothers 8th birthday. We went bowling yesterday with the family, but had his party today. I have been none stop all day today and yesterday. I can't give away much at this point because my mom might be reading this. :) So this morning we went out and got stuff for my mom for mothers day. I'm also doing something very special for her as well. :) After that, while my brother was at his baseball game, I made his surprise pizza cake... yes, i said PIZZA cake! :) He loves pizza, its his favorite food. He said he wanted baseball cupcakes for his birthday, so he was under the impression that he was getting baseball cupcakes this whole week, up until he blew out the candles. :) He was surprised, he was like "it looks like a pizza!" :) he's so cute!

So I wanted to do something special and creative for him. It took awhile to think of a good one. Then i got it... his favorite food! Pizza! :) So i looked up pizza cake recipes, and found this amazingly simple recipe. It was impressive, and it looked like pizza.  All I did for the cake, was boxed golden yellow cake.Made buttercream frosting and added some red food coloring to make it look like pizza sauce. Grated up some blocks of white chocolate for the cheese. Then cut out little circles, about the same size of a real pepperoni, made from red fruit roll-ups and placed them on the pizza as the finishing touch. I also made pizza cupcakes.

Ok, so in the middle of writing this blog, we decided, because we are going out of town to celebrate mothers day with family, that we would give my mom her gifts early. We got her a family photo album and put some pics of us and her and everyone in it. A beautiful plaque thing that we got at khols. Its a picture of a tire swing with the sunset in the background. It says.... 'Children hold your hands for awhile but your hearts forever.'
Then we got her something that she really wanted, a plant hanger, to hang a plant on, so we got her a plant to hang on it. Still just got one more thing in store for her, that she doesn't truely know about. It will have to wait until we get home tomorrow night. :)

Well this has been a very tiring day, especially cause I was up until about 2:30am early this morning. :) Then got up at 7am. Yeah its been a very busy, stressful, tiring day. But at the end of the day, you know it was worth it. I will be up late again tonight working on my project. But its totally worth it. I love my mom and every woman that has ever been a mother figure to me.You guys are sooo wonderful and special to me. I wish a happy Mother's day to everyone!

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