Sunday, January 16, 2011

Okay... you can hate me or stop following my blog..... but here's an update! :)

Okay... you can hate me or stop following my blog. But i really am sorry, I haven't had much time to right, and i know I left you hanging. So I will continue what i was saying. :) Okay, the last thing i said was that i took my permit test, and yes, you guessed it.... I passed!! :) I have been driving ever since. I really want to get my hours in, so i can get my license. So i can actually go out by myself, or take my sister and friends out. :) okay... so on to something else. Well I just went to an AmAzInG concert a couple nights ago. It was Winter Jam 2011, with Building 429, 33Miles, Kerrie Roberts and Jason Gray!! It was a total blast! I even caught a Building 429 t-shirt that they through out. But we had to leave immediately after, so i couldn't get them to sign my shirt. :( But they are going to be just down the road here in bowling green, in April. It for a block party, for a grand opening of a campus at a church. The best part about it, is that it's totally FREE!!!! I can't wait, maybe i can get them to sign my shirt then. :) They rock!! Jason, the lead singer of Building 429 is a great guy, with a huge heart.
       Okay, just a update on trying to find a job, if anyone was wondering. I am still waiting... I have put in a ton of applications at a ton of different places. I put one in at a place called Gigi's Cupcakes. It's a cupcake bakery, something i hope to have one of my own, someday. I have checked on it twice, and they said they were going to hiring someone like this beginning of Jan. So I went in and checked on it, in the beginning of this month. The employee just said that they were going to hire someone very soon, and that the manager should call me, to let me know something soon. But like I predicted, no call... and it's already in the middle of the month. :(  That was something I was asking God to let me have. But oh well.. i guess it wasn't in God's plan for me right now. But it is kinda hard for me to get a job right now, cause first of all, I haven't had hardly any work experience, I am seeking my first job. Also, because I'm, only 16, and they dont like to work with my school schedule. I'm homeschooled, so it would be easier, but they dont know that. Well Gigi's does, cause I also wrote them a short paragraph,saying that I was homeschooled,  along with the application.  Well I need to check on Starbuck's again like today, cause they said to come check back with them, in the middle of the month. But I dont think they would consider me, cause all they're employees are college students. Well I will keep trying, and if I hear anything, I will let ya'll know.

     I had a fun time last night with some friends, It was Nik's birthday. We went bowling with a bunch of friends. It was fun! Then went to Jasmine's and watched a movie. Happy Birthday Nikki!!
     Well that about it, I hope thats enough of a update! :)

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