Thursday, March 8, 2012

One Of The Best Nights In My Life

So I'm so terrible at blogging! Even the most important of things. This is terrible. LOL okay, so by this blog entries title, you might think, this is going to be an interesting blog to read. And you'd be right, well if you are interested in how amazing this special night was for me. I havent menchened anything about it on here, so I will have to explain everything. Its late, I cant go to sleep, so why not start writting this long blog. Lol

Okay, so where do I begin... Yes, this night has something to do with Mr. Hunter Hayes, if you havent figured that out by now. Haha So... He was having this like thing on his website where you could register to be choosen to be apart of something special. I will explain what that was. Hunter was so lucky enought to be one of the Top 3 Nominated for an ACM New Artist Of The Year Award. This event, that I was registering for was being held in Nashville on Sunday, Feb 26th. It was a televised concert for GAC. Fetauring the other 2 ACM New Artist Nominees, Scotty Mcreery, and Brantley Gilbert.
  So of course I registered! And after the deadline of being picked to be apart of this, I was so discouraged. Cause the never called or emailed me. :(
  On the last night, Saturday night, the night before the event, i might add. LOL i get an email on my phone, right before I go to work. Seriously I freaked out sooo much it wasnt funny! Lol The email was from Caroline (She works at WarnerBrothersMusic and is apart of Hunter's Team) it had all the information about the show on Sunday night! I was all like oh my gosh! Are you serious!!!? She said, some of the people that they had picked, had to back out, so that left them with more tickets to give away! :D This girl that I'm friends with on Facebook and talk to alot, was really wanting one too. She got a leftover one too!!! We never met before, until that night! It was awesome. :D
  My dad went with me, and as we were standing in line we could here soundchecking going on inside. We heard some band that was freakishly fimilar, and it didnt sound like a recording. It was a freaking soundcheck.... Yeah, I'm talking about The Band Perry!!!! I had NO clue they were going to be here too! They were there performing some songs and hosting the show, cause they won this award last year. I was super pumped already, now im so excited to see them! My dad was too, he like them. :)
  It took forever to get in, like always. But dude it was So worth it.
  When we walked in Marathon Music Works building, it was so cool! It was like we were on the set of a music video or somthing. So since is was being taped for tv, they may have the artist do their songs more than once, to get a good one. Which was good for us. :) Each artist did 2 songs, I cant tell u what they were, you have to watch the show when it comes on GAC on March 19th! ;) all of the artists had to do at least one song,twice. Luckily, Hunter had to do both of his songs, twice! ;) both times were amazing though! Okay so theres pretty much the story about the concert. But u have to make sure you watch the finished product on GAC. I cant wait to see it! :)
  So heres an interesting story, and something so special, that I probaly wont forget. Let me tell u that this is only my second time seeing Hunter. Both times I stood next to his parents! And at Best Buy his mom went around and talked to people. Shes very sweet. So this time, we were next to his family again. He's aunt was right beside me and she talked to me. But my dad was seriously being SO embarressing, I wont go into what he was saying in front of them. But i guess thats what dads do. LOL Anyways, we sat (stood) through the show, Hunter was last. (They saved the best for last :)) and let me tell you, Hunter is really short (5'5) so you imagine his parents are too. Well his mom isnt much taller than me. Anyways, when Hunter came out she moved up towards the front a little so she could see better. And Hunter's dad looks at me and asked if I could see. I said not really. So he told me to go with Lynette (his wife) towards the front. So we moved around a little until we could see. She was also with a friend, Ainsley Britian, also a great singer, you should definatly go check her out!  And when some people left from the front row, Lynette was like "Scoot up!" LOL so we were even closer to the stage. It was awesome! Hunter was amazing! He rocked the house! Anyways, it was just so awesome getting to hang out with them! They are just so awesome! When it was over, both of his parents thanked us for coming. How sweet is that! Ahh! LOL :)  It was such an amazing night!
  Anyways, thanks for reading this and make sure you check out the show and look for me on GAC on March 19th at 8pm Centrel time. And please Vote for Hunter Hayes during the dates of March 19th-April 1st!!! He deserves the award more than ever!!! And make sure you watch the ACM Awards on April 1st to see who our winners are! It would mean SO much to me, thanks! :)
   <3 Faith

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