Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 10th 2012 Lucky Day

Such a great start to my 2012 year. I will start off by saying how so lucky I was. Okay, so i wrote Hunter Hayes' road guy and said how sad I was, because Hunter wasnt going to be near me for the Rascal Flatts Tour. A couple of days go by and he writes me back! I was at work when I read it. He said, "you may be in luck. I'm about to post something that you might want to see." I was totally freaking out inside. Let me tell you that weeks, not even weeks but days, like that day, I was telling my mom how sad I was. I was listening to his music and saying 'I cant listen to him anymore, it kills me to much, not unless I get to see him'. I know that sound SO pathetic. But I have been trying to go to a few of his concerts and never have been able to. Btw... I still listened to his music, even if it killed me. Lol But it made me feel better as well, I mean it always does! :) okay so let me tell you how lucky I got, when I saw him post an event that was going to be in Brentwood, Tn. That was going to be at Best Buy. That was going to be an acoustic show/ meet and greet! And last but not least... That was going to be FREE! :D I'm telling you, I had to control my excitment and everything, cause I was at work. But I did call my mom up right away to tell her about it. And I just so happen to already be off the night of the concert. ;) i was SO excited!! I'm like mom I have to go!!! I had never been so excited to go to a Best Buy in my life! Lol So my mom took me to a Best Buy in Brentwood,Tn. Stood by the stage for prob maybe 1 1/2 -2 hours waiting for Hunter's acoustic show. Enjoyed the show as much as I did. (Well at least I hope she did. Lol) Then after the show, she stood in line for a LONG time. I cant even remember how long it was. But i mean, I guess it wasnt to bad. But Hunter made it a point that he wanted to meet EVERYONE! And sign their cd. We had fun while in line to meet one amazing, talented guy. We made some friends. They were pretty cool. ;) We finally got to the end of our line. And I was just about ready to meet Hunter Hayes!! :D Ahh. Lol I'm such a fangirl haha. Anyways, like almost everything I do in life, I would like to relive and/or redo. That situation, no doubt was amazing. But of course I wish I would have dont things differently. Um... I can tell you what happened when I met him. Okay, so he asked me my name, so he could sign my cd. I said my name was Faith. He said, "Really?" "Yep" *SMILES* He says, "I wrote a song about you (pause)... Well, sorta. Lol" He was talking about 'Faith To Fall Back On', for short 'Faith' :D Then he took a picture with me and said enjoy the record. I was almost like, 'I already enjoy it, and know every song by heart! Lol but then he thanked me for coming and went on to the next person. But i didnt want to leave that Best Buy. Haha i had to stop for coffee of the drive home. But we just listened to Hunter Hayes music and pondered on everything that just happened. It was a great way to start off my new year, I thought! Hopefully/ more in likely I will get to see him again on Saturday (Feb 4th) thats a whole nother story. Lol If I pursade my parents into going, I will write about this day as well. ;) Sorry it took my so long to write about my night with Hunter Hayes!

'You smile that beautiful smile and all the girls in the front row scream your name. I'm noone special, just another wided eyed girl, whos deperately in love with you..... Superstar.'

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